West Sumatra

Originally a port for traders of gold, spices and timber. Padang is known for its unique architecture, world class food and beautiful people. It is rich with tradition and culture. Most famous for its spicy local cuisine. 

Off the coast from Padang are many beautiful islands which can be visited for snorkeling, fishing or just relaxing on the white sandy beaches. A ferry can be caught to the island of Cubadak or Pulau Cubadak or to the Mentawai Islands including Siberut Island.



Be prepared for pure, natural and pristine nature.  Padang is surrounded by waterfalls worth exploring. There are easy and hard tracks depending on your adventure level.  


Hike to the top of mountains for some spectacular views of Padang and surrounds or take a walk through rice fields to experience the day to day lives of rice field farmers. 


Learn to surf with easy to ride beginner waves close by, our team will have you up on your feet in no time. 

Surfing not your thing? Relax down at the beach with chairs and umbrellas available to rent. 


Riding in a bemo is all part of emersing yourself in the culture of Padang. This is the main form of public transport in Padang. Expect low seats, up to 12 people squeezed in and loud music. 

Explore markets

Not only will you see all sorts of interesting food stuff, but you will meet the locals who no matter what, always wear a smile. You’ll get an insight on their way of living and traditions when browsing through the various market section. Sumatrans are friendly and helpful people, who respect and welcome visitors.